Thursday, 28 September 2006

Padi Not Be

Padi Not Be

This was at our "secret place" at Great Ocean Road where we are actually supposed to see koalas in their natural environment. However, due to the fact that this is the first scene I saw when I alighted and also has some unusual brown padi colours, so I take it. Doesn't seems too bad especially with the pool of water. The two van at the back are quite distracting. Tried to photoshopped it out but to no avail.

Wheat (Triticum spp.) is a grass that is cultivated worldwide. Globally, it is the most important human food grain and ranks second in total production as a cereal crop behind maize; the third being rice Wheat grain is a staple food used to make flour for leavened, flat and steamed breads; cookies, cakes, pasta, noodles and couscous; and for fermentation to make beer, alcohol, vodka or biofuel. The husk of the grain, separated when milling white flour, is bran.

Harvested wheat grain is classified according to grain properties (see below) for the purposes of the commodities market. Wheat buyers use the classifications to help determine which wheat to purchase as each class has special uses. Wheat producers determine which classes of wheat are the most profitable to cultivate with this system.

Wheat is widely cultivated as a cash crop because it produces a good yield per unit area, grows well in a temperate climate even with a moderately short growing season, and yields a versatile, high-quality flour that is widely used in baking. Most breads are made with wheat flour, including many breads named for the other grains they contain like most rye and oat breads. Many other popular foods are made from wheat flour as well, resulting in a large demand for the grain even in economies with a significant food surplus.

Top Ten Wheat Producers - 2005
(million metric ton)
Flag of People's Republic of China China 96
Flag of India India 72
Flag of the United States USA 57
Flag of Russia Russia 46
Flag of France France 37
Flag of Canada Canada 26
Flag of Australia Australia 24
Flag of Germany Germany 24
Flag of Islamic Pakistan Pakistan 22
Flag of Turkey Turkey 21
World Total 626
UN Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO)


Estimates of the amount of wheat production lost owing to plant diseases vary between 10-25% in Missouri[2]. A wide range of organisms infect wheat, of which the most important are viruses and fungi.

Main article: Wheat diseases


Wheat is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including The Flame, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Setaceous Hebrew Character and Turnip Moth.


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