Sunday, 20 May 2007

Pose For Me

Pose For Me

This dingo had climbed out from its cave, climbedto a higher ground and pose for me. Guess that I'm quite attractive to the dingo. Just that the look from it does not reassure me. According to the guide, dingos are like wolf + dog. They howl like wolf and looks more like a dog.

The dingo (plural dingoes or dingos) or warrigal, Canis lupus dingo, is a type of wild dog, probably descended from the Indian Wolf (Canis Indica). It is commonly described as an Australian wild dog, but is not restricted to Australia, nor did it originate there. Modern dingoes are found throughout Southeast Asia, mostly in small pockets of remaining natural forest, and in mainland Australia, particularly in the north. They have features in common with both wolves and modern dogs, and are regarded as more or less unchanged descendants of an early ancestor of modern dogs. The name dingo comes from the language of the Eora Aboriginal people, who were the original inhabitants of the Sydney area.

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