Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Little Jack

Little Jack

Another shot of a toddler with his mouth still dirty with food. I do not know his name, but any chubby Caucasian kid will be called Jack in the movie. This one even has a little red pimple.

Jack (pronounced[help] /ˈdʒæk/) is a common male given name, although in very rare cases it can be used as a female given name, and sometimes as a surname. In English it is the diminutive form of the name John. [1]

It is the 53rd most common male name in the USA, with 385875 Americans being named Jack (0.315%), and 1275 females named Jack. 17500 people have the surname Jack in the USA.[1]

It is believed that "Jack" is the result of adding the French diminutive suffix "-kin" (much like the German "-chen") to the name "Jean," which is the French form of the English "John", or "Jan," which is a shortening of the German "Johann." This formed the name "Jankin" which eventually became "Jackin", a medieval pet form of John and eventually "Jack".[2]

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