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This is a shot of Ian. Not patriotism of like "US" patriotic kind but its more of like "Canon" patriotism. See how proud he was holding his Canon 30D.

In June 1934 they released their first camera, the Kwanon (see "Origins of company name" below). Three variations of this product were marketed, however, none were actual products. Of the ten Kwanon cameras that were rumored to be produced, none were ever known to reach the market.

The new company was off to a good start. However, there was a problem: Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory had not developed a lens. Several alternatives were considered, but the decision was made to seek help from a corporation known as Nippon Kogaku Kogyo (Japan Optical Industries, Inc., the predecessor of Nikon) to use their Nikkor lens. So in February 1936, the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory was able to release the "Hansa Canon (Standard Model with the Nikkor 50 mm f/3.5 lens)", which became Kwanon's first commercially available camera.

The following year the company name was changed to Canon to reflect a more modern image, and on 10 August 1937, the current corporation was founded.[1]

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