Friday, 2 June 2006

City Hall

City Hall

Taken along Collins Street. The light shown onto the trees are beautiful and it matches with the Town Hall's bulding.

The building is topped by Prince Alfred's Tower, named after the Duke. The Tower includes a 2.44 m diameter clock, which was started on August 31, 1874, after being presented to the council by the Mayor's son, Vallange Condell. It was built by Smith and Sons of London. The longest of its copper hands measures 1.19 m long, and weighs 8.85 kg.

In 1925, a fire destroyed a large part of the town hall, including the main auditorium and pipe organ. It was rebuilt and enlarged, extending east over the site previously occupied by the Victoria Coffee Palace, an early temperance hotel frequented by Melbourne's power brokers. The rebuilt section lost some of Reed's original flourishes including the elaborate mansard roof.


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