Tuesday, 6 June 2006



Shot in Waterfront Restaurent too. It has thos row of colourful drinks displayed on the alley to the restroom.

The word spirits generally refers to distilled beverages low in sugars and containing at least 35% alcohol by volume. Beer and wine were historically limited to a maximum alcohol content of about 15 percent by volume, beyond which yeast is adversely affected and cannot ferment. Alcohol levels higher than 15 percent have historically been obtained in a number of ways.

Spirits may be served in a variety of ways, some of which include:

  • On the rocks - spirits are to be served and drunk over ice.
  • Straight up - the spirit is to be shaken or stirred with ice, but drunk by itself, with the ice filtered out.
  • Neat - the spirit is served and consumed by itself, with nothing added.
(courtesy wikiepdia.com)

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Should write more stories and experiences in your blog! This is not encyclopedia.. HAHA hope i spelt correctly.. lazy go check dictionary.. All in Singapore miss you..

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