Sunday, 9 July 2006



Maybe I should sell this to HSBC. Shot with a black paper and using a white led torch to "paint" the image. The camera was open to about 8 secs. Hope the numbers on my card will not be able to access my bank.

*update: HSBC refused to provide me banking service and hence it had been closed. Reason: Administrative purposes. Really decriptive and useful reason coming from a big Hong Kong bank huh!


Anonymous said...

magnificient..perpaduan cahaya dan tangan yg besar..hehe


eRiCa said...

wakakakakaka!! wad a comment koo.. lol lol... wahh tennn.. u haf a HSBC card? coolll``` that a credit card? orrrr.... oni ATM?

De Foto said...

Haha. Credit card dong.. hehe.. ngak sih.. its ATM :`( haha. Wah, tolong tanyain HSBC Malaysia and HSBC Indonesia mao picture ngak. haha.