Monday, 24 July 2006



Shot from a moving train while its turning. Camera ws set into Bulb mode so that length of shutters can be set as wish. the colourful of lights makes a pleasing line with the unusual green light which only appers when photographer is moving. Photons is the particles of lights. This term was invented as Lights can behave in wave or particle pattern.

Based on quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, the photon (from Greek φως, "phōs", meaning light) is the quantum of the quantized electromagnetic field (light). That is to say, quantized electromagnetic fields are made up of large numbers of photons, and the electromagnetic interaction is mediated by the exchange of virtual photons. The term photon was coined by Gilbert N. Lewis in 1926 and soon became the name for Albert Einstein's "light particle" proposed in 1905.

A photon is usually given the symbol γ, the Greek letter gamma, although in nuclear physics this symbol refers to a very high-energy photon (a gamma ray). In chemistry, photons are sometimes symbolized by , which is the amount of energy each photon represents (h = Planck's constant, ν the Greek letter nu symbolizing the photon frequency).


Confused? be worried not. Cause I am also confused even though I had studied the basics of it.

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