Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Cold Stare of Photographer

Cold Stare of Photographer

My model, Sam posing for me as I was about to test for my lambency (Gary Fong's lightsphere) flash diffuser. We were all on a photography camp trip which explains the huge camera he's holding.


Sean Zhang said...

for a moment, i thought i got the wrong way like last time i thought i've rung the wrong doorbell.
u owe me twice now.

Anonymous said...

found your blog through blog mad. i love the photography.

De Foto said...

Dear Sean,

haha.. luckily you are not too faint hearted. It's so fun to watch play tricks on other people especially when you can see them thru the tv.

De Foto said...

Dear tattooed mama,

Thanks for your kind comments. Your blog is very arty.

Al said...

Hey Stanley!Okay,I have this long,long story-so bear with me!I JUST remembered-you were that guy back in Trinity who was famous for taking photo's!I even visited your blog couple times mid-07,I remember a pic of something from CMC (was it a fire hose),and remember thinking "wow,these pics are smtg",then you exhibited sm photo's when trinity had that photoevent thing right?Gosh,it's all coming back to me now!

Okay,enough with my self-contained madness.

Your photo's are simply gorgeous-crisp,clear and wonderfully interesting-I could stare at 'invinsible egg' pic for hours,but after a while it started looking tasty,so I had to look away for the sake of all birds.

Getting a Canon 400d later in KL,after much deliberation and fussing around it all came down to that model & Nikon D80-and since many of my cam-owning friends are Canon owners,I'm pretty biased myself.

Well,keep up the good work,I'll be sure to drop by to catch some tips or whatever!

De Foto said...

Hi Al,

haha.. that's pretty long I must say. Well, at least now you have already remember who I am.

I'm glad that people are enjoying the photos that I had taken and enjoyed personally too. Of course not always the case for all pictures.

Getting a DSLR is really a steep learning curve for everyone and it's GOOD. Before i got one, I thought that I had known all about photography which of course, I was very mistaken after I got a DSLR. The power is just so much more than a P&S. Even though I must say that I still miss those tilt-able lcd of my p&s. Anyway, knock me if you need any help when you get your camera. I'll try my best to help you out.