Saturday, 2 June 2007

Wallaby Wannabes

Wallaby Wannabes

Wallaby yet again. From this picture, you can see the colours and shades of its fur. Does anyone mistake this as a kangaroo? I often do. The name wallaby always reminds me of wannabes. They both sound so alike!

Wallabies are widely distributed across Australia, particularly in more remote, heavily timbered, or rugged areas, less so on the great semi-arid plains that are better suited to the larger, leaner, and more fleet-footed kangaroos. They are widespread in New Zealand, where they are often hunted. There are also a few populations of wallabies in the British Isles all having escaped from zoos, the largest of which can be found on the Isle of Man where there are around 80 wallabies and are breeding.

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