Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Holding Us Up

Holding Us Up

This rusty screw is what holding the wooden bridge together. Not easy to accept that yeah. For me, I like the details of the wood fibre that was produced when the hole was cut.

Loosening rusted screws, soak overnight in lemon juice. A tissue wrapped round the area keeps the juice where it can do its work - - Dave Edmunds
Rusty Bolts. When trying to free bolts that had gone rusty I found that a drop of Coca-Cola helped loosen them. I had to try it a couple of times, but the phosphoric acid in it ate away a lot of the rust, letting me get it off once it had dried. -- Bill Walker New Mexico. .

Rusty Bolts: If you are trying to remove a very rusty bolt, and you don't have wd-40 or anything like that to loosen it, then you can use Tabasco sauce. Just shake a small amount on the bolt and wait for a few minutes then you should have no problem taking it off. -- Gerry gapobnospam@accesswave.ca 8 Jul 2002

Rusty Screws. If you are trying to remove a very rusty screw, use the tip of a very holt soldering iron to heat the head of the screw. The heat should expand the screw head and loosen the rust. -- Andy Baxter, London England

(courtsy of thetipsbank.com)

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