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Shot outside Crown. The left side is the vertical fountain. Casino, lavish, wealth, but still there are so much emptiness in the sky.

Crown Casino

The Crown Casino includes two hotel towers, a number of exclusive fashion stores, top class restaurants, food courts, cinema complex and more. A notable feature is its entrance, commonly known as the 'light room', this enormous hall, situated at the entrance to the complex, boasts a sound and picture display under the themes of the four seasons.

Crown provides several traditional casino games including Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette but it was also the founder of an electronic version of Roulette known as Rapid Roulette. Rapid Roulette is essentially the same as traditional roulette but rather than players placing bets on a layout, all gaming takes place on a personal electronic touch screen connected to a central roulette wheel. The benefit of this is that the player has easy access to the entire betting layout, and due to the electronic nature of the game, it is both fast and accurate. Rapid Roulette has been in use for several years, and recently Rapid Bigwheel and Rapid Sicbo have been developed. There are currently plans for a workable Rapid Blackjack model.

Crown Casino is a popular destination for youth, as the complex incorporates several nightclubs, fast food restaurants and youth oriented shops and is home to a popular electronic games arena, Galactic Circus. Crown Casino is a unit of the Australian media conglomerate PBL.

(courtesy wikipedia.com)

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lou said...

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