Thursday, 11 May 2006



Shot near at Grattan Street, these parrots was singing across to the other parrot in the opposite tree. Have seen quite a number of parrot on trees these few days.

Sound imitation

Many species can imitate human speech or other sounds, and at least one researcher, Irene Pepperberg, has made controversial claims for the learning ability of one species; an African Grey Parrot named Alex has been trained to use words to identify objects, describe them, count them, and even answer complex questions such as "How many red squares?" (with over 80% accuracy). Other scholars claim that parrots are only repeating words with no idea of their meanings and point to Pepperberg's results as being nothing but an expression of classical conditioning.


by TU FU ©

The parrot sits

Upon his perch

Wrapped in gloomy thought.

And dreams

Of his distant home.

His wings of bright blue

Are clipped;

From his red beak

Come words of wisdom.

Will they never, never

Unlatch his cage

And set him free once more?

Impatient, in anger

He claws and tears at his perch

To which he has clung

So long.

Will the world of men

Not Pity him,

And freedom he has lost?

Of what use to him in prison

Is his coat of wondrous hue?


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