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Leaves Passage

Leaves Passage

Taken in Trinity. This place is rarely seen unless one is going to Wayne Cottage for administration. The leaves are really red and the small garden has a wooden "gate".

Trinity College is the oldest residential college of the University of Melbourne, Australia, and was founded in 1872 on a site which had been granted to the Church of England. Situated to the north of the university, Trinity's various ivy-clad stone buildings surround a large lawn known as the Bulpadok.

The college was affiliated with the university in 1876, and the Trinity Theological School was founded in 1877. With the establishment of the Trinity Women's Hostel (later to become Janet Clarke Hall) in 1886, Trinity admitted women as resident students, making it the first university college in Australia to do so.

The college's main buildings were built as follows:

  • 1870: "Provost's Lodge", now the Leeper Building
  • 1878: Bishops' Building
  • 1880: Dining hall
  • 1883-87: Clarke Building
  • 1914-17: Horsfall Chapel
  • 1933: Behan Building (named after former warden John Clifford Valentine Behan)
  • 1958: The Memorial Building (Jeopardy)
  • 1963-65: Cowan Building
  • 1995-96: Burge Building

In 1989, the Trinity College Foundation Studies Program was set up to prepare international students for entry to university courses. Foundation Studies presently caters to over 800 students, although they do not live on campus.

Trinity College has a Choir which sings for services in the Chapel and around Melbourne, and tours internationally. The Choir has made a number of radio broadcasts and CD recordings.

Famous alumni

Famous Alumni include


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