Monday, 1 May 2006

Way To Autumn

Way To Autumn

Fallen leave on the steps in Melbourne University. Late in the afternoon, drizzling.

The University of Melbourne, located in Melbourne, Victoria, is the second oldest university in Australia, after the University of Sydney. The oldest and main campus is in Parkville, an inner suburb of Melbourne just north of the city centre. Other campuses in Melbourne and rural Victoria have been acquired through amalgamation with smaller colleges of advanced education. It is a member of Australia's "Group of Eight" lobby group.

The University of Melbourne is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia according to several international indices. In 2005, the University of Melbourne ranked nineteenth in The Times Higher Education Supplement's list of the world's best universities, the highest rank of any Australian university. It also ranked eighth in the world for arts and humanities, and tenth for biomedicine.

The University has almost 40,000 students, who are supported by nearly 6,000 staff members (full or part-time). On November 15, 2005, Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis announced plans for the university to adopt a system of education similar to the United States tertiary system where students earn a generalised bachelor's degree in three years and then specialise by attaining graduate qualifications in area such as law or medicine. The plan would be introduced over ten years, and is likely to see the total number of students attending the university drop to 30,000 students.



cuex_x said...

wohoo.. kerennn.^ ^ koq kalo foto gw ngak keren sihhhh.. -_-

Chandra said...

itu lo edit ya?wah,harus blajar neh dari lo...
shi fu *bow*

De Foto said...

haha. thx thx. sebentar lagi kepla gue kegedean ngak bisa keluar rumah nih. haha