Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Hand Stand

Hand Stand

This is Michael again. His hobby is break dancing and it was even integrated into our Trinity "The Cliche" final term drama play. Our group was practicing for the play and at the end of it, I had asked him to pose for me some hand stand picture for me to shoot. Michael had won the best dance during the Trinity Annual Ball 2006, "Hollywood".

Handstands are performed in many athletic activities, including breakdance, fitness competitions, circus acrobatics, cheerleading, and martial arts like Capoeira. In yoga, the handstand is known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana (downward-facing tree pose). Handstand dives are one of the main categories found in competitive platform diving. Some variation of the handstand is performed on every gymnastic apparatus, and many tumbling skills pass through a handstand position during their execution.

While learning the handstand, it is most common to hold the pose against a wall or other surface for support and balance.

The handstand is a fairly safe pose when performed correctly and is comparable to a headstand. If possible, avoiding transitioning from a headstand to a handstand for safety reasons. Either can produce momentary dizziness or vision changes, especially for those with conditions such as high blood pressure. Such individuals sometimes choose a smaller inversion like the "legs up the wall" pose as a substitute.

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