Saturday, 6 January 2007



Pat Porter, our beloved English teacher on our last lesson with her. She is easy going and lively dring class which makes learning easy and not as stressfull. She can be said as the favourite teacher among the students who had lessons with her. She was very lovely in this picture, posing with a flower on her ear and in her hand. Soft glow was done in photoshop.

Ms Pat Porter, BA(Hons) Monash, DipEd, BEd La Trobe
Pat Porter has been teaching EAP in the February intake at Trinity since 2002. Her academic studies started with French and Spanish in the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. This led her to a BEd with a double major in Spanish (with Honours) and English Literature, and minors in Linguistics and French, at Monash University. After a DipEd at La Trobe University, she started secondary teaching at Killester College. She moved to teaching adults Spanish with the CAE, and ESL at AMES and La Trobe University. Pat then studied for her BEd at Deakin and La Trobe Universities, majoring in ESL, while teaching Academic English and running the ESL program and the English course development in Foundation Studies, La Trobe University.

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