Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Self Confession

Self Confession

This was taken during the day of the Trinity Annual Photo Shoot. Herman and some of the other Indonesians had taken their precious time to make this shirt with all of our names at the back. Herman and Mikha were feeling "Hot" and posed for the shoot when both Kevin and Darwin tried to pull their shirts. The photo was processed in black and white bringing the feeling of happiness that was left in the photograph. The title was given to describe the inner feeling of the two man who maybe have a hobby of posing almost naked in front of the camera.


Chandra said...

is it really black and white? it looks more to sephia to me...

De Foto said...

Hi Chandra,

It's Sepia. But for cetegory sake, I put it into black and white or "monochrome". cheerz