Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Phillip Island Bridge

Phillip Island Bridge

Taken from San Remo overlooking the Phillip Island Bridge. This photo photoshopped quite extensively to bring out and saturate the sky, water and the sea weed colours while trying to keep it not "photoshopped" look. Curve was also used a lot to bring out the underexposed part of the photo.

Nineteenth century pioneers faced great challenges in creating access routes through the steep terrain of the Strzelecki Ranges, while Victoria's best known island, Phillip Island, was only accessible by ferries until the arrival of the suspension bridge from San Remo to Newhaven in the 1940s.

(courtesy of greatplacestostay.com)


Chandra said...

The bridge is quite dark. it seems to me as if you are focusing on the seaweed and the pelican.
Otherwise, it is a really good photo. the fact that the pelican and seaweed are there makes the photo looks more attractive.

De Foto said...

Thanks Chandra for the input. The bridge is indeed quite dark, but if you enlarge the photo, it will appera abit brighter. i can make the bridge brighter if i want to in photoshop, but it is so underexposed that random noise will start popping up. Well, I should have taken two photo (one overexposed).