Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Bai Sha Gu Jing

Bai Sha Gu Jing

This place has a well known well. It's water will freshen any who has drank it and the water has been fresh for hundreds of years. There were many people who brought along their small children to drink. Old people also brought empty large gallon bottle on a trolley to top up water. I had asked my model, Michelle to jump in front of these entrance which she gladly did. The image was post processed to clean up most of the surrounding people using a second image and a radial blur was applied.

The Baisha well by the reputation is "the Changsha first spring", also is one of Chiangnan famous springs; Existing mouth of a spring four, the well head to Huagang Crag builds, the length of approximately 67 centimeters, the width only 33 centimeters, the depth 70 centimeters. In 1964 this well is listed as the Changsha cultural relic preservation program, in 1983 the government allocated funds to carry on the restoration; In 1993 is decided as again the city level cultural relic preservation organ.

(courtesy of wikipedia.com, translated by babel fish)

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