Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Saucy Shoe

The Saucy Shoe

This is my shoe, after i had stepped on a pool of water which was "camouflaged" by seaweed. The seaweed made me think that the surface was hard and therefore I had stepped on it. This is the result of it. I had taken this shot to remind me how dirty my shoe was. Thanks to my mum who helped me wash my shoe. Really appreciate it mum.

Men's shoes

Men's shoes can be categorized by how they are closed:

  • Balmorals - the vamp has a V-shaped slit to which the laces are attached; also known as "closed lacing." In England, the balmoral is known as the Oxford. The word "Oxford" is used by American clothing companies to market shoes that are not Oxfords, such as rubber-sole bluchers.
  • Blüchers - the laces are tied to two pieces of leather independently attached to the vamp; also known as "open lacing." In England, the Blucher is known as the Derby shoe.
  • Monk-straps - a buckle and strap instead of lacing

Various other closings exist but are less popular such as side-elastic closings.

Men's shoes can also be decorated in various ways:

  • Plain-toes - have a sleek appearance and no extra decorations on the vamp.
  • Cap-toes - has an extra layer of leather that 'caps' the toe. This is possibly the most popular decoration
  • Wing-tips - The toe of the shoe is covered with a perforated panel, the wing-tip, which extends down either side of the shoe. Wing-tips can be found in both balmoral and blucher styles. In England this is called a brogue.
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