Sunday, 18 February 2007

I'm So Free

I'm So Free

Taken at Sand's Restaurant, Jakarta, it's reception hall features a large tree with lots of tiny bird cages. Shooting at wide open aperture (due to low light too) to get shallow depth of field, I look through my tiny 350D viewfinder to manually focus on this cage. The photo was then post processed to become black and white. After editing the photo, I really feel how free and "uncaged" I am.

Pet birds face numerous challenges in captivity. Most birds fly, which puts them at risk of impacting ceiling fans, stoves, and other hazards. Even birds with their wings clipped may eat hazardous substances, chew on cords, or gnaw at furniture. As many pet birds are not domesticated and still retain their natural instincts, they sometimes can be unpredictable. Their small size makes housing them in cages a convenient solution to these problems.

The newest trend in the market is cages made of solid stainless steel. Large parrot cages made of stainless steel can cost thousands of dollars and will actually outlive a powder-coated cage by 5 to 6 times.

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