Friday, 16 February 2007

What's Up

What's Up

Sitting on the dried grass, posing a gangster look and smoking. That really look like some hong kong mafia. Just lacking of black coat. This picture was cropped tilted at an angle to strike a more evoking pose of Shayen. I would love to tilt even more but it would result lesser pixels. The photo was not applied with any soft glow either. Just some usual curves and stamp out tool.


jonyong said...

Less Him
more Jolyn!

BOBBY said...

I really like your photos. I even carry your link on my blog so others can experience what you do. Keep up the good work!

De Foto said...

Dear Jonyong,

Thanks for your enthusiastic response. Btw, it is a girl. Maybe the angle of the photo and the hat covering her face make her looked like him.

De Foto said...

Dear Bobby,

Thank you for linking me. I have visited your blog quite a number of times. I also do enjoy your floral shot as it opens up my mind about photography.

Anonymous said...

looks like Jay Chou :-)

Alejandro said...

I love your photos! I'm thinking about buying a Nikon D70, I also love photography, but haven't started yet, I don't know crap about photography dou :P

Keep up!!

Dizzy Dee said...

Hey Stanley,

Just wanted to let you know I have moved my blog from to :)
((Yay, finally my own domain))
Hope to see you there soon!