Sunday, 1 October 2006

Hurry Sis!

Hurry Sis!

This was taken at Apollo bay in Great Ocean Road. Over this "sand dunes" is the Apollo beach. These two girls were coming back from the beach when the elder sister decided to rest or maybe play with the sand. The younger sister, giving an impatient look and holding a doll on one hand, makes my main subject. The look and the way how the doll was held gives the uncongenial perception of the situation.

Dolls are often intended as toys for children but other uses of dolls include as a keepsake or collectible item for any age, namely older children to adults. However, dolls are also used because of their cultural significance, possibly for use in a ceremony or ritual, or even as a physical representation of a deity, these uses of course go along with a simpler, a doll is another way for decoration. As time has gone on, it's become more important for dolls to be as lifelike as possible, and these dolls can be used for professional use, (see anatomically correct doll), or as sex toys (see sex doll). Artists' mannequins are also known as "artists' dolls." Dolls with action figure-like articulation are sometimes referred to as "action dolls[1]."

Dolls have been around for far longer than most would think, archaeological evidence placing dolls as foremost candidate for oldest known toy, having been found in Egyptian tombs which date to as early as 2000 BC. In Egypt, as well as Greece and Rome, it was common to find them in the graves of children, these were mainly made from wood, however, among the wealthier families, pottery dolls were also found.

Many suggest that dolls were around even before 2000 BC, going further back to prehistoric times, and were probably made from materials such as clay, mud, fur, wood, etc.


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