Sunday, 15 October 2006

Royalty Ground

Royalty Ground

More than a luxury it is. Walking on a groud full of those small flowers lined with other colourful ones on the sides. This was again at the Camp Cooriemungle. The shot was captured with an aperature of f/10. This is to try to get as much depth of field (DOF) as possible or in layman's words, so that the whole picture is as focus as possible. Taking with a smaller aperature like f/14 will even make it more focus, but this would means the shot will have to be taken with a slower shutter speed and casue a blur picture due to the winds blowing the flowers.


Sunflower Optimism said...

Great photo, Stanley - your depth of field is perfect on this one. Gives the feel of a never ending carpet of flowers. Makes me want to go see what's around the bend, on the left.

De Foto said...

To sunflower optimism,
Yeah, Lucky that i have my tripod with me. It gives a workout for the brain to cross this field and trying to avoid as many flowers as possible.