Friday, 13 October 2006

Mono in Complex

Mono in Complex

This flower was again shot in Camp Cooriemungle. Mono in Complex decribes the special attention of the red tulip and especially the interesting part is that the contrast it made with it's own deep green stalk adn also the green bud on the left. I do still remember that my friend wanted to get this flower for a birthday surprise and it really cost very expensive in Singapore as these tulips have to be flown all the way from Holland.

They are perennial bulbous plants growing to 10–70 centimetres (4–27 in) tall, with a small number of strap-shaped, waxy-textured, usually glaucous green leaves and large flowers with six tepals. The fruit is a dry capsule containing numerous flat disc-shaped seeds.

The tulip is the national flower of Iran and Turkey, and tulip motifs feature prominently in Persian and Turkish folk arts. The European name for the flower comes from the Persian word for turban, a origin probably originating in the common Turkish custom of wearing flowers in the folds of the turban. Alternatively, the use may have arisen because this eastern flower, when not yet in full bloom, resembles a turban.

ass now known as South Holland, due to its drained fens similar to Holland, plus it is easily the main centre of the UK bulb industry. To reflect this, the local radio station is named Tulip Radio [1].

Between 1634 and 1637, the early enthusiasm for the new flowers triggered a speculative frenzy now known as the tulip mania and tulip bulbs were then considered a form of currency. The Netherlands and tulips are still associated with one another. The term 'Dutch tulips' is often used for the cultivated forms.

Tulip Festivals are held in the Netherlands and in North America every May. Tulips are now also popular in Australia, and several festivals are held during September and October in the Southern Hemisphere's spring.


lilfeathers2000 said...

Such a pretty flower. Such a short blooming period.
I love to look at them but I never mess with rearing them.

Antoine Khater said...

This is a nice shot Stanley, not perfect, I have to admit i've seen better flowers (i am talking about the flower not the picture) but the compo is very interesting. In the short time I've been visiting your blog, I must admit you are improving :) Keep shooting

De Foto said...

Thank you lilfeathers. I have never tried to plant these kind of "exotic" plants too. But I notice that in australia, planting rose is kind of usual. I have not seen people planting Tulips in their home garden yet.

De Foto said...

Thank you Antoine. Thank you so much for your good words. I really enjoy reading your comments.