Monday, 26 March 2007

The Gorgeous

The Gorgeous

A panorama of the Zhang Jia Jie range. Two photo was pieced in photoshop which was not the best idea to do (PTgui is much more versatile just that the software wasn't on hand). The fog initially gave me trouble with the strong sun in the afternoon but it prove otherwise as the sun sinks lower.

Panoramic photography soon came to displace painting as the most common method for creating wide views. Not long after the introduction of the Daguerreotype in 1839, photographers began assembling multiple images of a view into a single wide image. In the late 19th century, panoramic cameras using curved film holders employed clockwork drives to scan a line image in an arc to create an image over almost 180 degrees. Digital photography of the late twentieth century greatly simplified this assembly process, which is now known as image stitching. Such stitched images may even be fashioned into crude virtual reality movies, using one of many technologies such as Apple Computer's QuickTime VR or Java. A rotating line camera such as the Panoscan allows the capture of very high resolution panoramic images and eliminates the need for image stitching.

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