Monday, 12 March 2007

Little Smiling Buddha

Little Smiling Buddha

Looks like a small Buddha to me. Always smiling and looks so ever forgiving. I had taken with a very shallow depth of field but a very high shutter speed so that the image will not be blur when he moves around. The lighting was also quite soft due to the pollution outside and the soon to set sun.

Nine characteristics

Some Buddhists meditate on (or contemplate) the Buddha as having nine characteristics:

  1. a worthy one (Skt: arhat)
  2. perfectly self-enlightened (Skt: samyak-saṃbuddha)
  3. perfected in knowledge and conduct (Skt: vidyā-caraṇa-saṃpanna )
  4. well gone (Skt: sugata)
  5. unsurpassed knower of the world (Skt: anuttara-loka-vid)
  6. unsurpassed leader of persons to be tamed (Skt: anuttara-puruṣa-damya-sārathi)
  7. teacher of the gods and humans (Skt: śāstṛ deva-manuṣyāṇaṃ)
  8. the Enlightened One (Skt: buddha)
  9. the Blessed One or fortunate one (Skt: bhagavat)

These characteristics are frequently mentioned in the Pali Canon, and are chanted daily in many Buddhist monasteries.

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