Thursday, 29 March 2007

Huang Long Dong

Huang Long Dong

This was one of the place that we visited that got me very excited. The air is humid and warm inside (my lens had watervapour formed on it for about half an hour). The whole caves is so huge. We had to take boats inside as there are lakes in the caves. The hundreds of steps going up and down in the cave and the echo that our group made when we all shouted.

One of the waterfalls is breathtaking 50 meters high, the biggest chamber has a floor of 4,000m². And there is a stalagmite called the Holy Needle, which is 19.2m high but only 10cm in diameter. Legend tells, it protects the Dragon King who resides in the dark depths. Because of its value for tourism it was insured in 1998 for 100 million yuan (US$12.1 million). The cave is visited by boats on the cave river.

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