Saturday, 3 March 2007



Broken lamp by the roadside with no one ever taking a second look. I find that the position of the head, the body and the body's shadow fell nicely. The photo was post processed to give an antique, overly warm sepia look.

In countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, UK and the northern part of the US, street lamps are burning an average of 4000 hours per year. Considering that the average wattage of a lamp is around 150 watts, considering that a 100,000 inhabitant city contains about 18,000 lamps, such a city spend around 11 giga watt hours (11 billion watt hours). Considering that producing 1 kWh implies the emission of 340 grams of CO2 (average in Europe), the streetlights of such a city are responsible for the emission of 3700 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere per year.

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