Thursday, 1 March 2007

The New Monkey

The New Monkey

Yes, this is the new modern monkey. Complete with scarf and warm coat to protect from the cold and also, it comes in pink! My cousin, Erica, was on the winter root camp to Changsha with me and another hundred plus of kids. This photo was taken at the Lu Shan Mountain which all of us scaled on the third day.

The imposing and magnificent peaks, unique waterfalls, luxuriant woods, changing sea of clouds and pleasant climate make it a most famous summer resort in China and the perfect place for patients to recuperate. Roaring through the land, the precipitous and gorgeous Lushan wins itself the honorable title of the most beautiful mountain under heaven. With both natural scenic spots and historical and cultural Sites, Mt. Lushan is listed as one of the 40 best tourist attractions in China. The UNESCO listed it as one of the World Natural Heritages in 1996.

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eRiCa said...

new modern pink monkey! hmm``..good job good job!

De Foto said...

Hua hua. Keren kan ka.. ini hari loe balik ye. hehe