Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Log Raiser

Log Raiser

This phenomena puzzles me. Why do they put wood logs below all these growing trees? Won't it make the trees less stable? Well, not to care about why is it, but caring on how had I processed this photo. A Velvia preset was applied for this picture which makes the saturation to be deeper and a bias towards the green and the blues. A vignette is also prominent in the picture.

Velvia was introduced in 1990 and quickly replaced Kodachrome 25 as the industry standard in high-definition color film. It had brighter and generally more accurate color reproduction, finer grain, twice the speed, and a more convenient process (E-6). Kodachrome 25 fell out of popularity a few years after Velvia was introduced, and Kodachrome 64 and 200 have followed more slowly. Many photographers credit Velvia with ending the Kodachrome era.

Velvia has the highest resolving power of any slide film. When shot with an excellent lens, a 35 mm Velvia slide will hold detail equivalent to 22 or more megapixels of image data.

(courtesy of wikipedia.com)

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